Bob and Sharen

Bob and Sharen

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

                           Watchman's Duty for 2013

My duty for the New Year is to be a Watchman to warn sinners to repent from their sins, then if they would listen and repent and they would die, then their sins would be remembered no more and they would be in Heaven, so their blood would not be required at my hand. But if I don't warn them to repent, and they die in their sins, they will go to Hell and their blood will be required at my hands.  

Also, to warn the righteous, that if they sin, then their righteousness would not be remembered anymore, and if they go a head and willfully sin, they will die in their sins, and all the good and righteous acts that they have done will no longer be remembered and they would go to Hell, but their blood will not be required at my hand, because I had warned them. But if I warn not the righteous of this and they commit sin and die, their blood will be required of my hand.

This can be found in Ezekiel 33. We have an awesome responsibility to warn others, or their blood will be upon our hands.. 
                   "Watchman, what of the Night!"

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