Bob and Sharen

Bob and Sharen

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rachels birthday celebrated at bible Study.

                                                         Happy Birthday, Rachel

Shy and Nakita, PapPap, and Trenten

                                                         Shy and Nakita with Jewel
                                                                Shy pushing Keeters
    Keeters loves Music. Sitting and watching Pap sing and play.

Pap and Trenten
             Looks like a serious discussion about who gets the pie.....
  Shy and Trenten coloring. Look in the living room and you still see Keeters watching her Pap.
                      Trenten coloring with a big smile for camers..

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nakita, "Keeter's", Our littlest red head grandaughter.

Ready to go.

Nakita with our Pastor.

So happy.

                                                               Watching our Pastor's wife.
Grandma  with "Keeter's

                                                                      Big flash.. lol
                                                    Aunt Rachel with Keeter's
                                                                   Happy Baby.
                                                                Ready for the camera.
So excited..